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Better With a Budget

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Naturally Frugal Lifestyle

Today I want to talk to you about living a naturally frugal lifestyle. It is my belief that we all have good habits ingrained in us, and I think we should take a minute to appreciate that! I also wanted to share an experience and some tips. I had the awesome opportunity to join KSL…

A Bunch of Ways to Save Money

I know, the title is…weird. Usually you see a post with a specific number included: “40 ways to save money on groceries!” Or, “10 ways you can save on car insurance!” This is my running list of ways that I’ve found to save in ALL areas over the years, so I will be adding to it…

Gluten Free – Udi’s Copycat Bread Recipe

Since discovering that I couldn’t ever eat gluten again, I’ve tried a few gluten free bread recipes. I had so many failures, and got so frustrated, that I accepted that I just wouldn’t be able to make a homemade bread ever again….and I didn’t attempt for nearly a year. I found a recipe (through Pinterest, of…

Who Am I Talking To?

Hello, hello! In creating this blog, I’ve gone through the process of trying to figure out who I want to talk to. I have a wide variety of interests (as do you) and it’s been hard trying to narrow it down. After reaching out to friends and doing a whole lot of soul searching, I…


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