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Who Am I Talking To?

Hello, hello!

In creating this blog, I’ve gone through the process of trying to figure out who I want to talk to. I have a wide variety of interests (as do you) and it’s been hard trying to narrow it down. After reaching out to friends and doing a whole lot of soul searching, I believe I’ve got it down. So…if you’re wondering if this blog is worth your time to read or follow, let me make it easier for you and let you know who I’m talking to!

If you are interested in:

  • Involving the entire family in the frugal lifestyle/personal finance world, this may be for you. I’ll share ways that I’ve involved my kids in the budgeting as well as ideas to involve the whole family in reaching those personal finance goals you have!
  • Health and wellness on a budget – I have a handful of food intolerances as well as two auto immune conditions. I get that sometimes living “healthy” can be more expensive and drain the budget. Let’s work through the world of healthy, natural wellness and keeping it within our means.
  • Financial goals – I’ll share the goals I’m setting for myself and I’d love to hear what you’re working towards! We’ll dive into ways to stay motivated and in keeping the goal in the forefront of your mind. We’ll get there, one step at a time!
  • Simple ways to grow your budget – you won’t see me giving advice on making millions…because I haven’t done that! What you’ll hear from me are simple ways you can increase your income, big or small. Take what works for you and don’t stress the rest. We all have different abilities and priorities and that’s okay…it’s wonderful!

And a side note on the logo you may find in my pictures…yes, I used to have a blog titled “Better on a Budget”. The concept of saving money and setting financial goals isn’t a new one to me. I’ve got years of experience in my own life and have been blessed with opportunities to share my story with multiple outlets. I stopped blogging for a few years for personal reasons, but I’m back and well, I kinda love my old logo! 😀

Excited to get this thing started. Looking forward to talking with you!!


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