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Gluten Free – Udi’s Copycat Bread Recipe

Since discovering that I couldn’t ever eat gluten again, I’ve tried a few gluten free bread recipes. I had so many failures, and got so frustrated, that I accepted that I just wouldn’t be able to make a homemade bread ever again….and I didn’t attempt for nearly a year. I found a recipe (through Pinterest, of course) for Udi’s copy-cat bread, and I pinned it, but I still didn’t want to try it…those alternative flours are expensive and I hate experimenting and failing when using them!

So, the recipe sat on my boards…looking pretty, but untried. After about a year, I decided it was time to actually TRY some of the recipes I’d pinned, and I knew I could no longer put this off.

Let me just say, I’m SO glad I tried one last time to make a gluten free bread. I literally started to cry (YES, CRY) when I bit into this, because I was so happy. I didn’t think I’d ever eat any kind of bread again EVER, and this, my friends, was an experiment that turned out! I’ve been gluten free now for nearly 10 years, and it’s still my favorite!

I like this BETTER than Udi Bread, and it’s cheaper to make than to buy, which makes it, you know…Better on a Budget! 🙂

To get the recipe, head on over to Extraordinary Life’s blog…because she deserves full credit for this fabulous gluten free bread recipe.


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